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Yachting Travellers

Apartment Zakynthos

For yacht & sailboat travellers

your port on land


Take advantage of the location and bοοk this apartment situated just across your boat. Enjoy a luxury stay while visiting Zakynthos or use the apartment for personal leisure, business meetings or any other purposes.

  • Dinner with a Private Chef

    Our private chef can prepare for you, your family and friends a unique gastronomic experience, away from prying eyes that can disturb your dinner.

private chef in zakynthos monopolio deco apartment zante
massage in zakynthos monopolio deco apartment zante
  • Massage & Beauty Treatments

    Rejuvenate after your long voyage on board. Cruising can strain and dehydrate your body, so a private massage and treatment can give you the energy you need to keep enjoying your vacation.

  • Meetings

    Even during your vacations, there are times when urgent business issues arise that require your attention. This can be very stressful to be on board. You now have the ability to isolate yourself and focus on properly guiding and advising your co-workers to overcome work issues.

bussines meeting in zakynthos monopolio deco apartment
family home in zakynthos monopolio deco apartment zante
  • Family

    If the privacy, comfort and safety of your family is a primary concern for you, then renting an apartment near the boat will offer you all of the above. Also, families with young children know how tedious it is for children to spend long hours on the boat. Do not compromise and ensure your family has a dream vacation.